Adjust any reed into a usable one!

Reed Meister

Applicable reed instrument


Clarinet family
(E , B , Alto, Bass, Contra alto, Contra bass, and others)


Saxophone family
(Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, and others)

Adjusting a single reed has never been easier!

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Reed Meister

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Product Details 1
1. Setup

Product Details 2
2. Analyze Reed

Product Details 3
3. Monitor progress via computer

Product Details 4
4. Adjustment

Product Details 5
5. Adjustment Completed

User's voice

Masayuki Nomachi, Chairman Kochi Clarinet Association


Cutting the fibrovascular bundle to adjust the balance? It was never heard of and sounded suspicious. But my curiosity made me start communication with Hanai-san around October of 2008. During my forty years of playing clarinet, much cost and effort went to reed adjustments. With Reed Meister, the things I have relied on with my experience are clearly visible on a PC monitor, enabling incredible speed in reed adjustments. In addition, including this to the current adjustment process, I no longer have problem with reeds that I use for performances as well. The biggest part that was gained for our research is where the causes were not clear, Reed Meister clearly depicted the problems. The results were collected and was published in "For struggling clarinet lovers Ver. 1" and in August, Ver.9 was published with further Reed Meister's findings and updates. We strongly recommend Reed Meister to all single reed instrument players. You will be amazed with Reed Meister.

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