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1: Vernier dial

Adjusts vertical positioning on graph.

2: Reed holder

Turn over to analyze/adjust back side of reed as well.

3: Center plate

Aligns center portion of reed. Choose from 6 plates for optimal fit.

4: Dial to adjust horizontal position of probe

5: Dial to adjust vertical position of probe

Adjusts the amount of pressure on probe tip, chaenging sensitivity of graph measurments.

6: Probe releas lever

Raises probe to avoid contact with reed when not in use (chenging or turning over reed).

7: Probe tip

8: Rotation table

Rotate manually. Stop to adjust rigidity of problematic fibrovascular bundle.

How to adjust a reed with Reed Meister

1. Place reed in the reed holder

  1. Soak reed in water for few minutes to moistened.
  2. Set reed on the center plate using the reed holder.
  3. Align the tip position of the reed with a ruler.
  4. Close the band of holder to hold the reed position.
  5. Turn over to check if the reed is set properly on the holder.

2. Insert the reed holder onto the rotation table

  1. Insert the reed holder onto the rotation table.
  2. Phsh in along the guide until it stops.
  3. Pull down the probe lever, placing the probe in contact with the reed.
  4. Begin measuring the front side of the reed.
  5. Rotate the table to measure the surface rigidity of the reed.
  6. Reed Meister connected to a PC via USB port.
  7. Actual unevenness is displayed on the monitor

3. Measurement and adjust reed front surface

  1. This particular reed is almost symmetrical having concave in the center.
  2. Make a cut on the top left side of the fibrovascular bundle of the reed.
  3. Rotate the table left to right to see the effect.
  4. Repeat the adjustment until the graph becomes smooth parabola symmetrical shape.

4. Measure and adjust back side to complete

  1. After the front side is done, turn the holder around to adjust the back side of the reed.
  2. Changing the color of the graph line to blue makes comparison easier.
  3. Adjustment process will be completed after the back side is done.
  4. Raise the prove lever and remove the reed from the holder.