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· Can the Reed Meister work with Mac?

Unfortunately, Reed Meister does not support use with Mac. Reed Meister runs on a basic Windows OS. It requires only USB 1.0 and doesn't need to be connected to the internet.

· Can a double reed be adjusted with Reed Meister?

Reed Meister is designed to work specifically with single reeds that have a flat back. Therefore, double reeds with round backs are not structurally supported.

· Can any single reed be adjusted?

Most reeds are adjustable. However, it is difficult to adjust old and worn out pieces. It is recommended to use Reed Meister on reeds that are not up to par for use in performances. With simple application, an ordinary reed can turn into your favorite piece. Depending on the material, it may be hard to make adjustments, but it will still make some kind of improvement.
It is not possible to adjust a reed that is too soft for your mouthpiece to the appropriate hardness with fibrovascular bundle cutting method. In such cases, the conventional manual process of tip trimming is required.
A reed that is too hard may be softened by cutting into the fibrovascular bundle in principle; however, conventional sanding and light shaving with a knife is also recommended.
After adjusting by hand to a suitable hardness, a reed may be finished with Reed Meister for uniform distribution of symmetrical stiffness.
The only thing to be careful of is to have too much fun using Reed Meister and forget to practice your instrument.

· Would fibrovascular bundle cutting shorten the life of reed?

There is concern that by cutting into the tip and center of the reed, it will become degraded from that area. No worries - even an unadjusted reed has a large cut on the tip already. If degradation will start, the tip should show the wear first.

· What kind of reed instrument is adjustable with Reed Meister?

There are two kinds of instruments; clarinet and saxophone families. Double reed instruments are not applicable.

· Can a reed be adjusted on a trial basis?

Previously, we did trial adjustments in exchange for answering our survey. The number of requests exceeded our capacity so we have stopped providing this service. Regional distributers are now providing trial adjustment services for a fee.

· Is shipping included in the price?

Shipping is not included and will be charged separately.

· What kind of support is available if the adjustment is difficult to understand?

Please refer to the instruction video and FAQ on our website. Further questions can be sent to us by email.

· Is there a rental Reed Meister unit available to try out the effect?

We do not rent units. They are available for demonstration with our regional distributers. Demonstration requests from schools can be arranged on visitation basis. Please contact us for details.